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Nov 7, 2012 1:00pm EST
at boeing. brian? >> layoffs are coming at boeing, tyler. although we don't know how many. here are the headlines. boeing in a memo obtained by reuters telling employees they will be looked to cut costs by $1.6 billion between next year and 2015. they will reduce the number of divisions from 13 to 10 and that will also reduce the number of jobs, as well as managerial jobs. perhaps by as much as 10%. again, all this coming from a memo that was sent to employees that was obtained by reuters. boeing saying it does see some layoffs, though it can't pinpoint the exact number. boeing in the memo saying this is all part of a continued affordability drive because you guys know as well as i do, tyler, that with this news today, the threat of possible sequestration, the fiscal cliff is going to be some theories out there about why the announcement is coming out. boeing making it known this is part of a plan where they've already cut $2.2 billion in costs from 2010. still, not good news for boeing employees. that stock is down just over 2% right now, or $1.58. back to you. >> brian sulliva
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
cliff. plus, ready for takeoff? shares of boeing have been caught in the holding pattern this year. could the flight path be changing or will fiscal cliff concerns keep it grounded? cramer is reading the flight plan in tonight's edition of off the charts, all coming up on "mad money." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing the all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. >>> it has become clear that with the obama reelection, the fuel for service vehicles probably not going to be aided by washington for at least the next four years. they nat gas stocks may have reached expectations so low they can rally. last night this company got really good news. clean energy is buying two lng plants from general electric. these plans will be able to produce enough to support a network of 70 fueling stations at truck stops along the interstate. clean energy is becoming for integrated which would give them an edge down the road. let's find out more about how the company is doing and where it is headed. talk about what this means for your
Nov 13, 2012 6:00pm EST
part of the cliff, they are telling a different story. i'm talking about boeing. these stocks say that they have been down for so long that it is their time. that is why we are going to look at boeing. we are doing it with my colleague at the paid sister site to the stre if it were so bad you would think it would be there. i think the stock is headed higher not lower. i see this. he says don't look at it like that. not only has the stock gone higher. but it has done so sing the election. they make boeing seem attractive. it is a strong flow of support under $69. it is going to give you what i call downside protection. the stock is trading above all of its key moving averages. it has broken out of the ten day. it is broken out of its 50 day moving average. most important out of its 200 day moving average. when it is trading below this line they will right it off as a loser. as of today boeing has made three consecutive closes and could attract many more buyers. it is an upstock. there is another reason, it has to do with the indicator at the bottom. it is
FOX Business
Nov 8, 2012 1:00pm EST
. lori: boeing is planning to restructure its defense, space and security business while cutting 30% of management jobs. this coming as we're less than two months away from massive automatic cuts to the defense budget. despite all of this, our next guest still says the aerospace giant is a buy. joining us on the telephone, the executive director and senior analyst for aerospace and defense electronics for oppenheimer. welcome to you. >> thank you. lori: when you look at the results ever the presidential election and talk about sequestration and alltic defense spending cuts that could very well go into effect you automatically assume when you hear bowing is doing the big restructuring that is what you attribute it to but that is the whole story? >> it is not. the sequestration is only part of the story. u.s. and defense has been growing part of the budget the last 10 years. we're probably at the peak of that cycle. i think most people in washington or outside of it believe defense will come down the next decade, wlormt through sequestration or through some other means. if you look at
Nov 7, 2012 6:30pm PST
jersey facing the most cancellations. >> susie: boeing showed today how it's preparing for the so- called "fiscal cliff": it's restructuring its defense business, big time. as the pentagon's largest supplier, boeing said it is slashing management jobs by 30%, consolidating business units and closing some defense facilities in california. boeing hopes to cut costs by more than $1.5 billion over the next two years. >> susie: boeing shares got caught up in the market downdraft, tom, falling 2%, and it had plenty of company. all 30 of the dow components were in the red today. >> there was a lot of red on the screen this post-election day. in europe, and also earnings, all getting mixed in here. let's get under way with tonight's market focus. >> tom: stocks dropped right from the opening bell today as investor focus shifted beyond election day. the s&p 500 opened down, and fell to its lowest price of the session just before noon eastern time. the pressure was steady throughout the afternoon hours, with the index finishing lower by 2.4%. today's drop in s&p 500 is its sharpest sell-off in four
Comedy Central
Nov 29, 2012 11:30pm PST
-- capri slacks. (laughter) but one of the state's biggest corporations, boeing, a name synonymous with aerospace excellence and bonner sound effects has indicated in union contract talks that they will deny equal pension benefits to married gay employees. hey, hey, yeah, i'm angry at the gays too. hey, gay boeing plorx the only marriage you should have is to your job unless your job is in the cockpit. (laughter) well-- folks, to commemorate this refreshing denial of human dignity, i'm giving a tip of my hadd to boeing for being gay rights pioneers. kuz if you think about it this is great for the gays. if companies don't have to pay out survivor pensions for same-sex couples it will save the millions. soon every company will want them. there will be a gay job explosion. boy the way do not google the term gay job-- nation, this blatant devaluing of gay partners is great for any company's bottom line. or top line, he wouldn't know, i'm not into that lifestyle. folks, next up on-- the wag thing i as the kids call it, mi such a stanch supporter of the right to bear firearms that i'm up
Nov 23, 2012 4:00am PST
to deal with, pilots and so forth. i like boeing. i think boeing is doing some amazing cost-cutting things. yes, there is concern about the defense industry retracting or not growing as fast as people have thought, but they are looking to bank about $4 billion in cost- cutting savings. they are laying off 30% of the middle managers. so guess what, that's really going to help the bottom line. > > as a pilot i support boeing as well. > > round two: coke or pepsi. which is the better stock buy? > > that is all you drink is coke. > > i love coke. i am a coke person. i have coke in my blood. there is solid support at $30, $36 or so in coke. and right now we are just a little bit above that. so you can buy some long-term options that have about six months, and the volatility is very, very low. so it's an easy way to play for a global recovery. > > i think it's not just about the original products themselves. what you need to look at are some of their tertiary and secondary products. look at stuff like the energy drinks. monster beverage company: both coke and pepsi have a lot of multiple brands.
Nov 10, 2012 2:00am PST
line, infinite possibilities. >> additional corporate funding is provided by boeing. additional funding is provided by the an nenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. two men faced off for what each said would be his final campaign competing for the hearts and the minds of an economically stressed electorate. president obama won the much discussed battleground states. he won the electoral vote. he won the popular vote of -- and he won an america that revealed itself to be more divided than ever. today the president walked into the east room saying elections have consequences. >> what the american people are looking for is corporation. they're looking for consensus. they're looking for common sense. most of all, they want action. i intend to deliver for them in my second term i expect to find willing partners in both parties to make that happen. so let's get to work. gwen: the obama campaign pieced together a electora
Nov 2, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. >> around the globe, the people of boeing are working together to support and protect all who serve. >> that's why we're here. >> this rock has never stood still. since 1875 we've been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. through the years from insurance to investment management from real estate to retirement solutions. we developed new ideas for the financial challenges ahead. >> this rock has never stood still. and that's one thing that will never change, prudential. >> additional corporate funding is provided by norfolk southern. additional funding is provided by the annenburg foundation. public broadcasting and contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. so this is it. the obama campaign says it's winning. the romney campaign says it's winning and to be quite honest we can't tell you whoa's right but tonight we'll lie out the choices. mitt romney looking presidential in a blue suit and teleprompter told thousands of support
FOX Business
Nov 8, 2012 7:00pm EST
thursday, but an administration official has remained silent until today. today we learned that boeing will be slashing another 10 percent of management jobs in its defense division by the end of thii year in an effort to cut more than $2 billion in costs. boeing says it cannot project exactly how many workers will lose their jobs as a result. and boeing is going to some great lengths to insist that these layoffs have nothing to do whatsoever with the sequestered defense cuts set to take place next year. you will recall that less than two months ago the obama white house was so intent on avoiding publicity like this it offered to indemnify government contractors for losses and find if they held off on issuing left notices. that is required by the warrant act until after the election. it is worth noting that boeing ceo james machen any serves on both president obama's jobs council and as chairman of the president's export council. why are we learning about these matters after the election? and why is this administration, which was want intent on being the most transparent in history, se
FOX Business
Nov 15, 2012 4:00pm EST
. david: you are specific. you will give us some stocks. let's start with boeing. >> basically set by 2016 they will have moved 4 billion cost. certainly if you're worried about defense cuts, but at the end of the date they fall into my investment thesis that they are gaining new orders, visibility into the backlog. that gets me excited that they could jim beyonce of this defense spending cuts that the market is worried about right now. liz: selected exporting goods. both of these names might be a bit of a head scratcher for certain investors, but i like the boeing pact. i think palin is not going away. best in class. david: it's better. its american. liz: airbus operating. it's fascinating to watch. >> i don't want to be married to an sec -- any sectors. the end of the day i am still oveeweight cash. they're growing their online business to be shipping more goods from the store more efficiently. margins are improving, sales are improving, and you don't see that. when elected as a result, some of the markets may not be as good as the market expected demand if they work i think the street m
FOX News
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
. >> laura: in the last three days. everyone from boeing, to cat pillar, lock keyed harr continue, boston scientific, these are thousands of jobs if you add them all up. >> yeah. >> laura: what's going on here. a lot of them citing obama care because of the implementing cost of that. >> nothing related to the election of the president should be a reason why anybody is going through layoffs. it's not like it was a surprise that the president could have won re-election on tuesday. that should have been something that people maybe put a part of their first alert forecast for a long time. and anybody who needs to lay off workers right now, they had systemic problems long before tuesday. >> laura: businesses aren't making legitimate business decisions exside technology, bristol myers. >> they might be legitimate business decisions but it's not because of the results of the election. come on. >> laura: some of them are actually saying it's the result of the election. >> they may be saying it to absolve them of their own i how the business has or has not grown, really come on. >> laura: you thin
Nov 11, 2012 10:00pm PST
companies. 1300 supply yes, sir built the f 35, boeings c 17 contains parts from companies in 27 states. all of it could be affected by 1.2 trillion in spending cuts when you suddenly stop that you're going to see catastrophic impacts on people's ability to survive. >> they project a loss of 1.4 million jobs next year if this goes through. >> there is a super majority now in the legislature and that has some people worried. >> there seems to be this buzz right now that not unlike sixth graders home alone on friday night, we're going to raise every tax and then burn down the house. >> we were assured that was nots the case but with with the supermajority, democrats can soon pass bills and amend the constitution without a single republican vote. >> now we can do our job there will be less dysfunction. >> but it's tough to maintain when there are differences between the democrats. >> you have to be clever and fairly cold bloded -- blood sgld former house speaker will willy brown has some advice. >> don't stay within the party, go look for those five republicans who were mistreated by th
Nov 10, 2012 7:30pm PST
aboard a southwest airlines flight that took off from oak land this afternoon. the boeing 7337 landed at denver when officials say it slid off of the taxi way. the plane with the nose down, passengers who say they were aboard tweeted the pictures, 1905 took off with 125 passengers and 5 crew members aboard. airport spokesman says nobody was hurt. it began snowing around the time of the landing and no word if weather was a factor. >>> a suspect wanted in connection with san jose's 41st homicide has been found dead. troy edward was found dead inside his car this afternoon, in san ba nino county. it appears he committed suicide. >>> homicide detectives in oakland are investigating the shooting there that left a teenager dead, witnesses say a car pulled up next to the victim's vehicle after 7:00 p.m., on the court. the gunman got out, fired several rounds in to the vehicle. the 18 year old victim died there at the scene. the oakland tribune reports the victim was in h is car outside his home and shot. police haven't made arrests. >>> crews rushed to a fire this morning that destroyed a mo
Nov 4, 2012 1:00am PDT
and manufactured by the boeing company. the system provides an internet protocol for backbone and internet services on the ship. it was commissioned in 2011 in key west, florida. command master chief is the senior enlisted sail or. gregory ridel, a california native. ladies and gentlemen, this is the u.s.s. screwance. [applause] >> at this time, would vice admiral beaman stand and salute the ship. thank you. sir. >> ladies and gentlemen, i would also like to note that other navy ships are here in the fleet week, but the skipper is the u.s.s. macon island. macon island is docked at pier 30, 32 where she's hosted a seminar for disaster preparedness. skipper would you please rise to pay tribute to your ship. [applause] >> skipper, ladies and gentlemen, the u.s.s. macon island commanded by frederick pringle. a native of sumptor, north carolina. she was delivered to the u.s. navy in 2009. she transitioned to the west coast by circumnavigating south america by the straight of majell an. she was commissioned in 2009 of the first class built with energy-efficient turbine gas. steam is used as heating water
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am EST
up january 1 if congress doesn't act. plus, another $500 billion in cuts at the pentagon. boeing, the military's second largest supplier, already announced a second round of executive layoffs. >> nobody wants to see this fiscal cliff without a deal because the cuts are severe and the tax increases are severe and so we've got to find a path forward. >> reporter: on capital hill leaders signalled compromise. >> compromise is not a dirty word. i want to work together, but i want everyone to also understand you can't push us around. >> i'm not suggesting we compromise on our principles, but i am suggesting that we commit ourselves to creating an atmosphere where we can seek common ground where it exists and seize it. >> reporter: post election, the same president, the same balance of power in congress and the same problems that divided a nation. >> you might remember before the election the president said he thought he could come up with a deficit deal within six months of being re-elected. lynn, now the clock is ticking. >> now we'll see. thanks so much, tracie. >>> let's go back to
Nov 11, 2012 11:35pm EST
depos and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> boeing much delayed and well over budget. 787 dream liner is finally being flown by a u.s. carrier. the giant 787 is in service. >> the day has come. >> greg martin has logged more than 1.3 million miles on united airplanes but never quite like this. >> i've been excited since i booked the ticket. >> he flew to houston, got up before sunday morning to be among the passengers on the very first north american airplane flight of the dream liner. >> i hope it flies. >> it definitely flies. the 787 is revolutionary. it's the first airliner made of composite materials making it more fuel efficient. it's pressure rised to a lower altitude and it's completely state of the art. united the first u.s. carrier and they are betting big on the new planes buying 50 of thefment >> you'll see this airplane flying out of chicago, out of new york, out of dulles, houston, san francisco l.a., denver. >> what do you think sflr it's beautiful. >> a few things you'll notice w
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2012 3:00pm EST
by 170 points. wears a leadership coming from? hewlett-packard's united technologies and boeing bank of america and turned shanghai year by 2% and the s&p 504 out of five sessions are in the green with the energy sector leading the charge. would get the energy's spider moving up list speaking of oil the best in two weeks the best move in a month and a half dozen hold? go to the floor show bring in the traders. why do attribute the rally? we have big names are the believe we have clarity on the next four years? >> those are absolutely in the mix. look at the industrials' and energy games they were vastly undersold to look at the relief ral lonesome sector to focus the cool names are up close at 2% a clear indication when the market it is looking for the mitt romney wind. and has been be down under the obama administration ever come romney said:it is necessary and they will expand so that says to me they're looking for the romney win. liz: look at gasoline there it is a nice boost. >> over here may argue the opposite. with the big range with the rally people think that portents the ob
Nov 21, 2012 5:30pm PST
's the airplane designed to bring back some of the fun in flight. boeing's 787 dreamliner, finally passenger jet with swooping swings and a fuselage made primarily of plastic composite. >> it's a generational step. >> reporter: boeing has sold more than 800 around the world, but united is the first u.s. airline to fly the dreamliner in service that began this month. the airlines are buying these because they're cheaper to fly, more efficient, but they're going to sell you on creature comforts like the air itself. there's more oxygen on this plane. it's cleaner and less dry, and they have these huge storage bins too. you can fit four suitcases in here. the plastic body is stronger than metal, so the air pressure inside can be kept at the equivalent of 6,000 feet, instead of the 8,000 or 9,000 in most jets. that translates to higher humidity in the cabin, more comfort, less jet lag and dry skin. >> the increase in humidity, the pressurization of the cabin, the very different experience in today's airplane. >> reporter: the windows are a third bigger. there's a light show on board. different colors
Nov 22, 2012 4:00pm PST
queen. >> there is new plane that could make your next flight a lot smoother. the boeing 787 offers better seating and even mood lightning. >> the plastic composite plane has finally reached domestic routes this holiday season. >> this is really generational progress. >> the dream liner is a hot seller. it's carbon fiber rather than metal gives it lighter weight allowing it to fly farther. 800 have been sold but united is the first domestic carrier. >> it's smooth and quiet. >> see what is the fuss. "good morning america" visited the boeing assembly planted and took the controls in a flight simulator in houston where pilots train to fly. >> hold it like this. beautiful. >> here is front landing. >> it was good. we're good. >> enjoying the test flight over the midwest to see for ourselves. >> the airlines are buying these because they are cheaper to fly but will sell you on comforts, there is more oxygen on the plane and cleaner and they have huge storage bins. you can fit four suitcases in here. >> the plastic body is stronger than metal so the air pressure can be kept at 6,000 feet instead of 9,0
Nov 23, 2012 8:00pm PST
technology for new energy solutions. >> around the globe the people of boeing are working together. to build a better tomorrow. >> that's why we're here. >> this rock has never stood still. since 1875, we've been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. through the years, from insurance to investment management, from real estate to retirement solutions, we've developed new ideas for the financial challenges ahead. this rock has never stood still. and that's one thing that will never change. prudential. >> additional corporate funding is provided by norfolk southern. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, from washington, sitting in for gwen ifill this week, pete williams of nbc news. pete: good evening. we hope your holiday went well. president obama and hillary clinton could not have expected their week to unfold as it did. the president was hoping to focus new attention on the promi
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am EST
the boeing company and several school districts. the boeing company awarded the commission to a grand for an initiative to increase the number of students pursuing careers in science and math. major expansion plans in the work for maryland live! casinos including live table games. the plan calls for an additional of 1200 new hires. >> what are we going to do with these new people? 800 will be related to the dealers and table games themselves. >> they could be building a hotel in the future. table game regulations will be addressed next month. >> sometimes burning the midnight oil is necessary but it could come with some consequences. >> the key to stop smoking. >> don't forget to e-mail us your response to our water cooler question of the day. do you think raising the tobacco tax by an additional dollar would prevent kids from smoking? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. there a few problems that could there a few problems that could impact your morning >> w
Nov 17, 2012 6:30pm EST
and bring them safely home. >> around the globe, the people of boeing are working together to support and protect all who serve. that's why we're here. >> corporate funding is also provided by prudential financial. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting, and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. no one got the chance to catch a post-election breath here in washington before all heck broke loose. filibuster threats, sex scandals, intraparty finger pointing, demands for watergate-style hearings and that's just in the last 48 hours. today at the white house, we saw what maybe a glimmer of hope from democrats and republicans who never agree, let alone appear on camera side by side. was it perhaps bipartisanship? >> it was a very constructive meeting. we had a recognition that every person in america knows that we must reach agreement. >> we are prepared to put revenue on the table provided we fix the real problem. gwen: i
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 233 (some duplicates have been removed)